CEO’s Greetings

Mika Medical Co. shall strive to present healthy life to all our clients.

'Mika Medical Co.' shall strive to present healthy life
to all our clients.

Representative Director of Mika Medical Co.

Our company was established in April 1990 under the name of Mika Medical Co.

(Founder and representative director – Lee, Chang Hee; Changed the representative director to Lee, Ji Eun in 2017). After having commenced business as a company dealing with a diverse range of surgical products, medical devices and surgical tools in orthopedics, we have been continuing to achieve stable growth in both sales revenues and profits on the basis of our prolonged period of experiences and efforts put in researches.

comport-in COMFORT-IN

After having successfully developed Needle-Free Injection syringe in Korea in 2012, we achieved full localization through investment into facilities and total quality innovation and are continuing to put our utmost efforts in the development of medical markets at home and abroad.

By fulfilling out social responsibilities by managing the company transparently with high level of moral values and healthy ethical beliefs, we were honored with citation for exemplary company for tax payment (2008), selection as an outstanding company in Busan (2011) and award by the Prime Minister of Korea (2011), etc. Excellence of our products are being recognized widely by both domestic and overseas institutions as well as consumers by having acquired approval by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KGMP) and international
certifications (CE & ISO13485), and patent registration for our medical devices.

On the basis of prolonged period of experiences and trust of our clients, all the staffs and executives of Mika Medical Co. will be unified in putting in our utmost efforts in making contributions towards advancement of national industry and increase in export by manufacturing products with outstanding qualities that consumers will be content with through ceaseless R&D and quality innovation.